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Vivo just drops their all-new Vivo c1x it's an upgraded Vivos even pro with a lot of really really good things but is it worth the 16 triple nine. phone and let's get into the full review of the Vivo Z 1x of course Before we jump in if you haven't subscribed to the Mr. phone channel please do that and also in the barrack and right next to it so that you get notified when we put out a brand new video the vivos e 1x is typical of what a smartphone looks like today with a metallic logic frame and a glass looking back.

Now that while the frame is not metallic the back I did think that the back was glass although it's not the Zeeman X ops to go with a flat or bad compared to the c1 probe which had a more curved back for better ergonomics that said the z1 X is smaller than the z1 pro which means that although this is flat there is not really a big loss in economics the back is clean this time around because the fingerprint scanner has gone below the display the camera housing hosts three cameras and a separate LED flash the colors are very appealing - and this one. 

I unofficially called the Barcelona Edition but it looks like a unique gradient pattern now there are other colors on the Vivo z1 Xas well her I do like this one a lot now for the first time a Vivo phone under30,000 moves to a USB type-c probably why they had the USB type C packaged above the phone so when I unbox the phone you actually add the USB type-coming before the phone was placed inside the box but you do get the USB type-c with a headphone jack and a single speaker curl the headphone jack output is pretty nice and the speaker girl is standard nothing out of the ordinary the c1x also like some previous videophones comes with three hardware buttons a power button a volume rocker and a special google assistant button.

I appreciate a lot, of course, I would have appreciated the ability to customize it even more because even though I use it mostly for Google assistant a lot of people don't use Google assistant so they might want to do that for different other things maybe a camera shutter button, all in all, I think the Vivo c1x is a typically well-designed Vivo phone the V was even X moves from a punch hole LCD panel to a water drop not on an AMOLED display and this is the second big change that I absolutely supported the AMOLED displays just handles that contrast ratio like a madman and the colors that come out are punchy and lifelike now the full HD plus resolution also makes it plenty crisp there, of course, is the characteristic color shift that AMOLED displays have but it's well under control there is wide whine l1 support right out of the box which means that you won't have a problem streaming HD content on online platforms watching movies on a nominal display is truly fun and guess at times. 

I do wish it wasstill the punch hole but he'll take the compromise the display also does nothave any light bleed truly because this is an AMOLED display and I think withthe vivo z1 X if you just take a look at the display and especially if youapplied dark wallpapers you realize that the display is one of the best parts ofthis vivos even X and one of my favorite upgrades over the vivo z1 Pro now movingto software you have the vivo z1 x running fun touch OS built on top ofAndroid 9 pi now while most other smartphones are waiting for Android Q toimplement that mode vivo has already done it and it does look pretty goodprimarily because this is system-wide dark mode which means that it's not justa notification panel or the quick settings panel but also the displaywhere even you go to the settings page or any other page even third-party appslike Instagram Facebook whatsapp all have become duck now the thing that Idon't necessarily like with the doc mode is that I don't have the option tochoose which apps apply dock mode on because while I like how the entire UIlooks I do not like how Instagram Facebook or watch that look with docmode on which means.

I eventually end up not using the dock mode at all on this phone apart from that though Fanta 2's has come a long way in enhancing user experience and while it's no oxygen there are a few cool things you have different power saving modes inside theOS which makes sure that you have maximum battery life out of this you also have a team store one thing that I almost always skipped is the glance screen which on the lock screen you can actually change the wallpaper so every time you unlock the phone you'll have a different photo these are higher resolution photos first of all but these are not just photos so basically if you see this shot right now you will see that you'll there were pictures that were from teachers day that was teachers day themed so whenever something is going on the pictures that come on your lock screen look pretty nice and these areas. 

I said not just picturesnot even just theme based but these are articles as well so if you look at thebottom of that lock screen you'll see that there are small little quotes orsmall little phrases from articles and these are links to articles which varyto different regions so what you can do is you can go into the settings of thislock screen and even choose what are the topics that you like and you like toread about which means that if I only choose technology or lifestyle then I'llonly get pictures and articles linking to tech or lifestylethere is certainly bloatware on the phone there are apps that you might uselike what's happen instead Graham and Facebook but then there are apps thatyou might never use it's just something that you'll have to live with but Idon't think they'll be a big problem when you start using the device thisalso supports project treble although it does not support seamless updates you doget a skin on top and the history of updates with frontage OS is notextremely good but is not bad at all they do provide updates and they've donevery well with previous phones with the camera apps any bugs that happen. 

So I think you should have a good enough experience with the fun touch is on the Vivo Z 1x moving the performance the Snapdragon712 air powers the news even X just like the older z1 pro which means that the performance is pretty similar to it this is also reflected in the benchmark scores which stay in the same range of the 712 not any higher or any lower playing pubs or a pest mobile is super fun especially with this AMOLED display which gives me those deep blacks when I'm playing those night scenes in pub Gand it also gives me those punchy colors on the field with the players and all when I'm playing tes mobile the touch sensitivity is very good and they have used us 2.1 storage inside with lpddr4 x ram which means that performance from the memory aspect the storage aspect and the processor aspect is pretty damn good and some of the best that you can get under 20,000 rupees now day-to-day performance is something that. 

I don't think we'll have a problem within almost any of the phones under 20,000 we have processes like snapdragon 712 710675 660 all of them being quite powerful and with everyday usage you literally could not have single problem moving two cameras you have a triple camera set up at the back and you have a single camera at the front now the front camera is a 32 megapixel sensor it's the Samsung sensor and at the back the main camera is now a 48 megapixel sensor it's not the Sony IMX 586 it's a Sony IMX 582and the only difference between these two sensors is that they defy weight okay not shoot 4k at 60fps that said I don't think that's gonna be a problem here because the 712 the snapdragon 712 inherently is not able to shoot 4k at60fps now the sensors on the z1 X are actually pretty damn good you also have another wide-angle sensor and a poky sensor for depth effect now talking about those pictures just take a look at these pictures VEVO has been working very damn hard on all their camera algorithms. 

So have a lot of other companies as well but people has been doing a phenomenal job both with the pictures that come out and also with the camera experience and the pictures truly speak lengths about it because if you look at these pictures the contrast ratios the colors the details everything is right there you have so many features inside the Vivo camera app like portrait modes different type of portrait modes if you want you have the ability to switch to wide-angle camera you can shoot video through wide-angle camera you have stabilization in the footage there's almost nothing is that you can ask for in this price range now looking at these pictures looking at the portrait shot that cutout is very very nice but I am a big fan of that wide-angle camera and here are pictures taken using that wide-angle camera both in pure daylight and in indoors and what you can see is that in broad daylight the fact that the HDR algorithm is making sure that it not just takes the subject and focus and the exposure is done well but also the bag around. 

If you just see here in this picture of Ashishyou can see how the sky looks pretty damn phenomenal so I think I do like the xiv a nexus camera a lot and especially with vivos camera app not just givingyou good features for photographers used but also giving you ton of otherfeatures that everyday users can use I think we were done a phenomenal job withthe camera and the fact that you can get 4k footage out of the front camera ofthe vivos one X makes it one of the very fewdevices under 20,000 that can do that and the 4k footage of course is notstabilized but it's 4k for God's sake all in all I think the vivos even X'scamera is one of my favorites that have used under 20,000 and could give a toughcompetition to others out there the c1 X goes with a smaller 4400 mAh batterythis time around compared to a 5000 mAh battery in the z1 crew now is that droptoo bad not really because while you get a smaller battery you also get a smallerdisplay and it's also AMOLED which means with dark mode on and a darker.  

Wallpaperyou'll end up saving battery life a lot I experienced equally good if not betterbattery life compared to the z1 Clos my bad the experience was second to noneand when it comes to charging we have an even bigger 20 2.5 watt charger whichalso officially makes it the biggest or the most wattage on a charger under20,000 in a smartphone to which I say vivo how you frickin crazy becauseyou're giving that charger and that 4500 mAh battery which actually above theaverage of the industry gets charged up in almost one hour 30 minutes plus orminus 5 minutes that is the charging then that I got with that 22 points 5watt charger vivos dual engine charging is something that I've loved for a longtime and the Ziva Nexus battery performance is a tough one to beat nowwe come to an end of this video and the vivo z1 X is an absolutely phenomenalpackage it's an all-rounder you get that gorgeous design which is alsocomfortable in the hand you have a triple camera setup at the back you havethe AMOLED display up front which also gives you those inky blacks you havewired by an l1 support you also have the ability to play HDR videos on YouTube aswell you also get fun tattoo as with dark mode built on top of Android 9 piUSB type-c for a valid image battery and 20 2.5 watt fast charging with thesnapdragon 712 VI II and I think all that rounds up to a very good packetsnow are there competitors of course. 

We are in India we are talking about theIndian smartphone market everyone has a competitor here now withthe V was even excess price off the 16 double nine zero the competitor that theclosest to it is the real mean X now compared to the real me X the z1 X has abit of processor on paper which is slightly a better processor which is aSnapdragon 712 compared to the real me X which is of Snapdragon 710 it also hasmore cameras technically which one is better is something that we'll have totest out in a camera comparison let us know if you want to see that but what Ican say is that both of them are very very good cameras the z1 X has an edgebecause it also has a wide-angle camera now we move to the display and this iswhere the real me X maybe takes the cake because it has a full screen AMOLEDdisplay with only very few phones under twenty thousand half it has a pop upcamera for selfies though you get the same USB type-c you get 20 watt chargingcompared to 20 2.5 watts that's not really a big difference but the z1 X hasa bigger battery than the real me X that's ed there's another phone that'scoming very soon and that is the real me XT which is the upgrade to the real me Xand when compared to the real me XT this is a very very similar device becausethe real me XT is rumored to have an AMOLED display just like this one with asmall not just like this one it has the Snapdragon 712 just like this one youalso have USB type-c 20 watt charging I'm guessing with the XT very close tothis one again of course you get different experience with the softwarebut you get a quad camera setup on the rail me XT with the main camera being a64 megapixel sensor. 

It also will make the XT one of the very first devices in the market who come with a 64-megapixel sensor so there is a difference so whatI'd suggest compared to the real me XT if you really like the sound of it is that you can wait around till the launch of the real me xt which is also very soon and once you have that you will have context on which one you like we'll also do a comparison for you guys of course apart from that I think not really a competitor but another choice is the Vivo z1 flow of the brand's own device which has pretty much similar specs so you'll have the same kind of performance from it it has a bigger display but that's an LCD display with the punch hole you have a bigger battery but the battery life will be very similar but. 

I think that cameras on the Vivo c1xreally something that's what that price upgrade then there is, of course, the realme five bro again with the same snarling at 7:12 which is 1000 rupees lower than the Vivo z1 pro as well again LCD display, not an AMOLED display quad cameras with the 48-megapixel sensor that said it's not really a competitor but another choice at a slightly lower price but I still think the Vivos even Xis a complete package and for someone looking to buy a phone under 20 thousand right now, the z1 X is one of the best devices that you can buy and with that I leave it to it thank you so much for watching let me know in the comment section if you liked this review what was your favorite part of the Vivo c1xif you didn't like something let us know in the comment section below what phones do you want us to compare to the z1 X please let us know in the commentsection below we are here for you and let us know that but thank you so much and I'll catch the next one.

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