Best 3d printing wood filament, | wood pla | Diy Smart Saw.

Best 3d printing wood filament, | wood pla | Diy Smart Saw.

hey guys welcome back to think making I'm Anton and today I will be reviewing some Hatch boxwood filament so let's get to it probably into 3d printing and if you're into 3d printing then probably you know hatch box is one of the largest 3d printing filament manufacturers out there the quality of their filaments is very nice so let's see how this wood filament stacks up now this is real wood it's not any imitation it's actual very fine wood dust that is mixed with PLA filament so printability should be quite easy the filament is always tightly vacuum sealed which is nice if you're not planning on using it right away unfortunately hachbach spools are black and have no opening to see how low one filament you are but at least they have four places to hold the end of the filament for some reason the winding on my spool looked weird but it didn't mess up any of my prints the filament itself is rough and has a matte finish yet it is not abrasive so there's no need for any special nozzles yet due to the fine wood dust it is not recommended to use it on nozzle smaller than zero point four millimeters or the wood dust might clog the nozzle the wood dust also makes this film and more brittle so make sure it doesn't go through some crazy bends before getting to the extruder also as expected from hatch box the diameter is very consistent for testing I first printed a calibration cube a Marvin and the three Banshee at a 0.2 millimeter layer height I found that this filament prints better at lower temps at around 190 degrees Celsius uses a tiny bit more retraction than normal PLA and sticks to the build surface just fine and here are the results

corners and letters in the calibration cube look sharp the surface finish is very rough though which in this case is cool because that is the nature of wood same with the Marvin the print quality seems consistent and I like the fact that it has a matte finish just like would the Ben she looks mostly okay but there was some stringing present again this film that prefers lower temps or if not there will be a lot of

so knowing that the sole purpose of this moment is to look like wood I went ahead and printed stuff that would be usually made out of wood

or that would look cool with its color and texture first I printed this my at a zero point one-millimeter layer height with intention of making it very smooth and it looks awesome

then I printed this Mayan mask which is particularly cool because it is a scan of a real Mayan mask I also printed this vase just to see how this Bowman could print and well it still looks kind of woody but of course the star of the show needs to be the baby Groot this tiny creature it looks so adorable and printing the model out of wood simply seems right the surface finish and this one didn't look that good but again it's not like Groot has very smooth wood skin right another cool thing of this

filament is that because it contains a high percentage of wood it can actually be sanded and stained with ease so I used some sanding and polishing tools of the Dremel to get a smoother surface and my then I proceeded to stain it with some dark walnut wood stain I used a lot of it because I prefer that old rustic look and it turned out looking so damn cool the Mayan mask is supposed to be old and deteriorated so I stained it first which made it look awesome but to make the details pop I then lightly sanded it which David an aged look just look at a side-by-side of what you can accomplish with only some wood stain the looks are very different but both look great

so in conclusion hash boxwood foments contain real wood which makes the prints look and feel like wood it prints at a slightly lower temperature than PLA and it is quite stringy also expect the rough surface finish as it is trying to mimic wood yet it is up to you to sand it or stain it for a different look this filament has no special mechanical properties it's all about how it looks, therefore, using it for decor and props where you want that would look is awesome oh and hatch hooks actually makes like three different colors of this wood filament to better suit your needs if you want to try a roll for yourself I'll leave an Amazon link down in the description along with all the designs.

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