save water save life Why are we wasting water?

Today we are going to talk about water, water is our life and why we are wasting it.

Before we talk about water, let us know some important things about it. Which is very important for us to know.


Water is a tasteless, odorless and transparent substance found in the ground. Water is the source of life for every living thing on earth, be it animals, human beings or birds. Life is impossible without water.


Chemicals found in water.


The combination of chemicals to form water is H2O. That is, two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen combine to form water.


H2O = water


This clearly means that there are two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.


When it rains, we see water in the form of clouds. In the form of clouds, water evaporates and rises up and takes the form of clouds. Then comes the rainy season and it starts to rain.


When it comes to how much water is on the earth, remember that 70% of the earth's surface is water. And the remaining 30% depends on land. That is, water is the most abundant substance on earth.


And 70% of it is not completely drinkable because 70% of this water consists of sea canals, ponds, streams and canals. And the rest of the underground filtered water that we use for drinking is what we're going to talk about.


Water is used not only for our drinking but also for our bathing, cooking and cleaning.


That is to say, if we talk, the day starts with water and the end of the day is with water.


We also see water in the form of snow on the mountains. When it melts in summer, it goes into streams. And it takes the form of a liquid, that is, it is present in a solid state on the mountains.


Here we see two states of water, one solid and the other liquid.


How to make water drinkable?

In the old days, people used to boil water from lakes and use it for automatic filtration. And the water used to be sterile, but in today's world, filters are used in modern times. Which eliminate the unhealthy substances in the water. And they provide us with clean water. And all the dirt stays inside the filter and the water becomes drinkable for us.


Similarly, we have to buy filtered water in the form of bottles.


Why isn't seawater drinkable?


Most of the water is in the oceans. Now let's try to find out why the sea water is not suitable for us to drink. The main reason for this is that the amount of sodium in the sea water is very high. Due to which it is not drinkable.


In addition, the seas are being polluted a lot. Water from all streams is also being dumped into the sea. Due to which marine life is being severely damaged and we have to wash our hands of them. It is better to keep the seas clean. Yes, it is not safe to drink, so at least the sea needs to be kept clean in order to sustain marine life.


Why is it important to drink water?


Everyone knows that life is impossible without water. And life is over, so having water to drink is very important. Drinking water gives new life.


And man becomes very happy. Because water has a very important role in the circulation of blood, if the blood is thick, then the person will be very slow and lose his life. Water is used more and more to dilute the blood. So that there is no problem in the flow of blood at all.


Water is often used in the summer because the body releases salts. Water is used as much as possible because of the presence of salts in the water which take the form of sweat.


Aquatic animals.



Fish or crocodile turtles are some of the animals that like to live in water. And their lives are also connected with water. For them, water is not only used for drinking but also for the lives of those who live their lives in water.


In addition, water is used to ripen crops, which provide us with food and they survive by eating.

At present, there are billions of people in the world who are living their lives. Animals drink water and provide us with meat. In the same way, vegetables and fruits provide us with vegetables and fruits only by drinking water.


If you ever have the opportunity to visit areas where there is a shortage of water, you will have a good idea of ​​the value of water.


So avoid wasting water.


How to prevent water loss?


There is so much consciousness in every human being that he can save water from being wasted. For example, if a person uses water for bathing, he should fulfill his need inside a tub according to his needs and not waste water by using it as a shower. Similarly, use as much water as you need for drinking.


Water crisis has been observed in many countries due to the scarcity of water. Water scarcity in the land is slowly causing the crisis.


Because water is only for human beings, which is the reason for saving human lives, human beings have to think about how we have to deal with this crisis.


Let's take a look at some more ways to save water.


Check your bathroom to see if it is leaking from somewhere. If there is a leak, fix it immediately by finding a solution.


When brushing or brushing your teeth, keep the water closed. Do not clean your teeth by opening the water. Yes, open the water only if you need to rinse.

After some time, keep checking the pipeline of your house to see if it is leaking from somewhere.


When washing utensils, do not leave the water open when using soap on the utensils. Turn off the water, apply soap on the utensils and wash the utensils with water as needed.


We hope you have learned a lot from this little piece of information. You must express your opinion in the comments section. And join us so that we can continue to provide you with the best information on a daily basis. Thank you.