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Welcome to today's blog. Today we will talk about Blogger Theme, what a Blogger theme should look like and how to install it. So let us know first of all what impressions come from the blogger theme.

First of all, let's talk about some of the theme categories. 

People know that we should get free blog templates.

So on the internet you will find countless free blogger templates. But it gets a little difficult to customize.

Because they are free chat templates, they do not have updates.

But there are some templates that look very professional but I would not advise you to have a free template at all. Yes, if you are using WordPress, you will find many professional templates that look professional. You can install them on WordPress and you can also use them for Blogger.

Your choice

In this we will talk about what is your choice what is the name of your website. If it is related to health or it is related to sports or it is related to some entertainment then you should use such template. 
The first thing to do is to have templates that are PC and mobile friendly.

If not here's another item only for you! Because most of the mobile is being used now a days through which the website is opened, it is important that the template is mobile friendly.

So now all the companies try to make their theme mobile friendly and SEO friendly. And besides, its looks great.

As far as WordPress is concerned, their themes are very professional. And for bloggers, you have to search for the theme on the internet. I will not give you the link of the theme where you have to find it. You know this very well. 

But make sure the theme is always active, mobile friendly, SEO friendly and website friendly. So that it is easy to use and there are no problems.

How to customize the theme or templates.

The only way to customize a theme, no matter if it's a free theme or where you bought it from, is to use it on Blogger.

To do this, first you have to go to Blogger's theme option. When you go to the theme option, you will see the interface that you are seeing on the front screen.

The next thing you need to keep in mind is that you must back up the theme.

 That is, it is necessary to back up the old theme.

If there is a problem while installing the theme, it should be immediately restored and fixed. Most free themes have this problem. If you are installing a theme, if you do not back up the theme, your old theme will be lost. So it is important to back up the theme.

Then we move on to the next step

How to upload a theme?

Then you have to go to the Edit HTML option.


Control is to press all and delete the HTML of the whole theme.


Then you have to copy the HTML of the new theme and paste it here. So you're done.

Now save it, your theme will be uploaded.

This is where your problem may come in handy.

The problem is that if your theme does not upload and you get to see some kind of error. So you can restore the backup of your old theme and apply your old theme. Then you can upload another theme and check it. In this way, you can check and upload the theme that you like best.

Now it's your turn to customize the theme. First you go to the option above the theme which is the layout option.

The easiest thing to do is to change and delete the various types of ads that have been installed.
You can also use Google AdSense there as you like. Plus you don't have to change much, you can use the theme by changing it to your liking.

And there are ways to use it on the internet and on YouTube. You can study them and watch them carefully and you can set the layout. Which is not too difficult. Thanks for reading the blog.
 Some of template Names Are.

Cyber, seo boost, news, entertainment, etc…..