How to train children? Why are children becoming disobedient?


Today we are going to talk about training children in this blog. When a baby is born, the parents take great care of it. And gradually he begins to move towards adolescence, so when he grows up, his school is taken care of.



Her education is taken care of, her expenses are taken care of and she is taken care of so that she does not have to face any kind of problems but why did she go to an age and become a parent? Disobeys and annoys parents in old age.



Even though his parents have brought him up with great love and care, he is still prone to disobedience. And if you can't take care of your parents, let's find out the reasons first, then we'll look at the solution.



The biggest reason for this is mental training in childhood, so parents should take special care of the child towards the mind. When parents quarrel with each other, it has a very bad effect on the child's mind and it is imprinted in his mind. Goes So in the end he becomes adamant that if parents quarrel here, then I should repeat the same process.



At a young age, a child is adept at memorizing everything in a very good and mature way.



For this reason, whether the matter is small or large, he immediately puts in his mind what he sees in the society. So the most important role in society is played by the parents who take part in the training of the child, so the parents should think about how to train the child so that he does not become disobedient to us when he is young and love and Serve us with love and sincerity.



Being angry at a child for no reason.



These are the things that cause the child to go bad in adolescence. Being angry at him for no reason in which no purpose can be found and being angry in such a bad way that the child cannot bear it is on the child's mind. It has a very bad effect. Which also causes him to deteriorate and he becomes accustomed to it.



 When the child reaches adolescence, it gradually comes to his mind that the anger that the parents inflict on me is both baseless and pointless.



Arguing in front of a child.




It has also been observed in the society that when parents argue or abuse loudly in front of the child, the child learns from them and has been found to do the same with his friends outside. For this reason, such unnatural quarrels in front of the child should be avoided at all costs.



Not fulfilling the child's legitimate desires.



Yes, the child's legitimate desires should be fulfilled, as long as he speaks of illegitimate desires, he should be explained and he should be removed from him with love. But as far as his legitimate aspirations are concerned, such as education, he needs some things in sports, then he should be helped so that he can be encouraged and he can keep his footing in the society.



Baby friendship



The best friend of a child is his father and not his other friends. Other friends should also pay special attention to where they are taking him, so the father has to fulfill this duty and love the child very much. Have to make your friend This will let the father know where the child is going and what friends he is working with. It will be easier to keep an eye on it, so the father must be a friend.



Taking the child to recreational places.



Whenever the parents have time, the child must be made to visit the place of entertainment once a week and it will have a great effect on his mind and he will feel fresh. All things considered, claiming one is still past the span of the normal individual. And they will help move forward.



Mental training of the child.



The choice of school or college for a child should be made with a lot of thought because that is what makes a child compatible with mental training. Therefore, special care should be taken to find out what the teachers of the school or college to which the child is being sent and how they are training, as well as to train the child mentally and to tell him / her how to respect him ۔



When the child is small, he thinks deeply about everything, so it is good to talk to him so that he clings to his thinking and then he will be seen to respect you.



Enforce your child.



It is often seen in the society that parents want my child to go to school and become an engineer but when the child is seen the focus is on becoming a good cricketer or becoming a doctor but the parents own By enforcing the order, they force him to become an engineer. Therefore, the child is not able to give him a good result and it has a bad effect on his mind. He is thinking of becoming a good cricketer or a good doctor but he fails due to the implementation of that order. So this is a very important reason that the parents do not understand and play an important role in the deterioration of the child.



The bottom line is that training a child from an early age, from school to college, to his studies, to his eating and drinking, and to his friendship with the child's father, are all things that that play an important role in the training of the child.



Due to the lack of these things, the society is deteriorating today and the child is disobeying the parents, so it is important that the parents also have to take special care of his training.



That will go a long way in helping him build a better society, so let's all pledge today that we will take special care of the child's training and take care of all his affairs. Will see



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