how to start a blog in 2020, strategic blogging tips, rules, and etiquette for success

Today we are trying to figure out how to start a blog.



 So today I'm going to answer some questions so let's move on and get started. Before you start a blog.



You should really ask yourself if you blog

Why start?



And the big misconception is that people want to start a blog because they think they're going to make a lot of money. But that's far from the truth because it really takes a long time before you get a large audience.

And then it takes you a few years before you really start earning some money. So if that's why you want to start a blog, you better not start a blog.


Here are two platforms I would recommend to you guys to use. And the first one is WordPress. And then there's Blogger. And they're both back in 2012.



When I started my blog, I started using Blogger. But then when I changed my blogging career and I started to see it more as a business, then I moved to WordPress and Blogger is much easier than WordPress, WordPress is much more complex.


And now that you've chosen your platform, it's time to choose your niche. And that basically means that the kind of blog that will hurt you, you have a fashion blog or you have a food blog, a lifestyle blog, nothing like that, and a Choose a name that you can transfer at the time of transfer


So the first thing that keeps the blog running is a regular schedule, and I want to use an editorial calendar so you guys just have to plan and decide that way. When will you post?



Sorry, are you going to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday?


Or are you just going to publish on Tuesday and something like that? And before you actually launch your blog, I would recommend that you prepare six to 10 posts before you actually launch.


So use a good camera to take pictures on your blog.

 Turn your blog into a business.

 This is my last and last tip

You guys don't have to be perfect. And you shouldn't compare yourself to other people who have really been doing this for a long time.


And a lot of people like to compare themselves to others and don't realize that someone has been doing it for six years and that's why they're getting so many opportunities.



But I don't like to compare myself because once you start comparing yourself, then you will start to lose focus on what you are doing. And you don't start doing so well because instead of focusing on your content, you start focusing on what they are doing. But if you guys have a question, go ahead and comment below. And I'll just go ahead and go into a question and answer section and answer some of the questions that you guys answered for me or most of the questions that were asked of most people. So the number one question is how you come up


 Blog post ideas, so I follow

 Many online fashion magazines,

 And everyone in general

Choose something that is trending another time, or choose an idea, like, if I see something that someone has created, like, I'll give it my spin and my own version of it. Will make



And the biggest thing you guys can do when creating a blog or blog post is choosing something that may not have happened before. And it's really big because people see it as individuality.



And I don't know, like, if you like blogging, I don't think you'll lose your mind either. Like, if you're so happy, you know, I've never had a thought about blogging about question number two,





Should I start a blog or a YouTube channel first?



I think you should start OK, it doesn't matter what you choose. But you should always consider your blog as the center of your business, regardless of your blog or business, but basically, social media is always changing. You never know what's going to happen. So all I can say is consider your blog the centerpiece of your business and that's what a fellow fashion blogger told us at a conference that I went and it really stuck in my head because now, I Know that nothing happens with social media, I can always come back to my blog,


And it doesn't always matter what the social media platform is trending right now.


Question three is how much will I spend on the product? Or I will get a product sponsored by a brand.


And a lot of people think that just because you start a blog, you start getting a bunch of stuff to send to your house, or you'll be invited to a lot of events. But that is not the case. For me, daily blogging didn't start to happen until a year after I started blogging permanently. So like I'm really going to publish my blog and really focus on my blog every day because if you really want to see progress you have to really put in the effort. But I wouldn't say that if you want to start a blog,


You are definitely going to get products that you will start to get people or even like to be invited to events. So those are all the points that I have for you guys. Are If you guys have any other questions don't forget to drop them down and I will do my best to answer as many questions as possible. Thanks...


Look, I told you before that whenever you start a blog, you have to show patience and forbearance.


It's not that your blog is a month old, then you say why we don't have traffic or you say why I don't make that much money even though I am affiliated with adsense and I am also adding adsense ads.



You have no choice but to be patient so if you have patience you will be able to succeed on your blog otherwise you will see failure so first of all you have to be patient You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. And one thing to keep in mind is to post on a daily basis. 

If you can't post on a daily basis, set a date. Post one day a week. This is your goodness. And if you leave your blog alone, you will get a negative result at all. Try it. If you are serious, then work on your plan and improve your contact. Thank you.