elephant history for their alive

In today's blog we are going to talk about elephants
The elephant is one of the largest animals on earth.
The most famous of these species are the Asian elephant and the African elephant, which are found in the jungles of Africa.

Elephants always like to be in groups, not alone.

The long ears of elephants, their long trunks that make them stand out, and their height and weight also make them stand out.
Elephants are also known for their long teeth. Their beautiful pointed and long teeth add to their attractiveness.

As far as their residence is concerned, they are scattered in East Asia and Asia-Africa. Elephants always make a living by eating herbs from the leaves of trees. They also like to count the juice of which they drink.

It is extremely difficult for wild animals to hunt elephants in the wild. Because they are so tall, lions and dogs prey on them. But they barely work.

When a male elephant grows up, he leaves his family to form a separate family and joins a separate group.

If an elephant's age is estimated, it can live in the wild for about 75 years.

At the moment, elephants are most at risk from humans because humans pull out their teeth and sell them. Due to which various items are made, elephants are being hunted by most people. Great efforts are being made to prevent this.

What is the size of an elephant?

Now let's talk about the size of elephants. The size of elephants which are African elephants is 10 to 11 feet and as far as Asian hands are concerned, Asian elephants which can be 7 to 8 feet in size.

The weight of an elephant?

As far as the weight of an elephant is concerned, it weighs about five tons and can be more or less.

If we talk about the weight of elephants as well as their bones, then the bones of elephants are about three hundred and fifty which together make up a whole elephant.

The skull of an elephant.

Elephant skulls are extremely flexible and very strong enough to withstand any kind of injury.

Elephant ears

Elephants' ears, as far as their beauty is concerned, also act as an antenna for them, with which they communicate with each other.

As far as listening to them is concerned, they are heard in Hertz. That is, their ears have a sensitivity to hearing at one kHz.

The trunk of an elephant.

The trunk of an elephant consists of millions of veils. The elephant uses its trunk for many purposes. Such as bath water and food etc. It also picks up food with great beauty and eats it with it.

Elephants, about their height, can easily eat objects up to 24 feet high by taking off their trunks.

That is why humans have taken full advantage of elephants. And elephants are used for their weight. And the work is so heavy and weighty that they can do it easily and cheerfully.

Elephants Teeth.

Elephants usually have 26 teeth. A proverb is very popular here. "To show and eat ivory." Well, that's a proverb. Let's try to find out the truth.
Also the two big teeth that we see.

If one of them breaks or falls out of the cut, a new tooth often comes out.

Elephant skin

As far as the skin of an elephant is concerned, it is very hard, about an inch thick.

Elephant legs.

Elephants have very strong legs along with their whole body.
They carry so much weight that if we talk about their running here, their speed is about 26 kilometers per hour. In which they can chase anything by catching the speed.

As well as walking on land, they are also skilled swimmers who can easily swim in water.

The way elephants talk.

Elephants usually talk by wagging their ears and waving in different ways. And they talk in hertz. Which the ear of the common man does not hear. But they can easily hear each other.

Elephant feed.

Elephant's diet includes wild trees, leaves, grass, and human crops in human populations.
At the same time, let us tell you that elephant attacks on humans are numerous. This is when people harass their groups or they are harassed for some other reason. So they get angry and attack humans, which has led to human deaths. And there are reports of injuries.

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Elephant populations are declining rapidly, so we should try to keep them alive. By the way, even the forest experts are always striving for their survival. But we should also create such platforms to educate the people so that it can save their generation.

And to create awareness among the people. Elephants have been with humans since ancient times. And He has helped them in everything they do. But today man has started killing them for a few rupees and destroying their race which is a great danger to them.

You have to join us and raise your voice to save the elephants.

This blog has been created with this in mind so that the elephant breed can be saved. And their genocide could be stopped. So join us and leave your comment in the comments section so that our voice can reach those who are strongly against this thing.