Digital Marketing, The Four C’s Of PPC (CTR, CPC, CPA And CR).What is cpc?


Today we'll talk about 4 C's of Digital marketing We have studied 4 Ps in marketing series we'll study 4C's of Digital marketing First thing here is CTR Click through rate If you searched something on google and you saw a link so how many times will you click on that particular link it's a google algorithm What does it do If it showed an ad 1000 times and people clicked on it are only 100 This is 10% of CTR 1000/100= 10 Impressions/no. 

of views Multiply by 100, we get the click-through rate in terms of percentage Now how can I improve my CTR You know about its full form but what are its benefits If you researched a keyword on google So on which link will you click There is a psychology behind it Let's talk about it. 

Let's say you searched red buckle shoes which link will you click? That link what has red buckle shoes written in it If something like attractive shoes You won't click on it But the keyword you searched You will click on it your text or copy You need to make your copy attractive Appealing You may have seen the call to action Website link and call button maps Keep them on Basically all your site links Keep them on When we will reach AdWords, 

I will tell you about the site links Problem is broad match Don't do broad match For e.g.- you searched shoes You'll see the ad of red buckle shoes If someone searched for red buckle shoes, you'll see the ad If someone searched for shoes If you have used broad match If any keyword matches whether red, buckle, shoes separately. 

They'll see your ad So you don't need to use broad match and add negative keywords Let's say you are running an ad for scotty But we call it scooter too and scooter is different than scotty If someone searches for scooter in India, chances are he's searching for this scooter So you need add negative keyword according to that SO if someone searches for TVS scooter Your ad won't come Because you are selling scotty More the CTR Less the CPC CPC is our second factor: 

Cost per click Means you saw an ad and you clicked it So the advertiser paid for that one click that is cost per click less the CPC more the quality of your campaign Basically you need to improve your CTR One more tip Understand your business model and bid according to that Let's say there's a shoe   

A shoe cost you 200rs and if bidding at it is 50rs Then no need to bid on it Because that won't be a profitable scenario If the bidding cost is 4-5rs then it's good Because normally conversion rate is 2-3% Means people clicked on it. Out of those people, only 3% of people are converted so you need to calculate things like this. Don't be silly we don't need clicks, we need conversion we need to see our category which category has low CPC Like face reading CPC is 1 Rs, because people don't search for face reading. 

And whenever someone searches for I, they'll see you ad Video or link SO here your chances for conversion increases Now let's talk about 3rd C CPA Cost per acquisition How much money did I spend on one conversion   Same thing Our CPC, if 100 people click on it then 3% conversion is possible   Sometimes 10-15% conversion rate is possible But it depends on the category of that person Let's say you are searching one plus5 buy and you see the link of amazon You clicked it If someone wants to buy one plus 5 in India, then he'll buy from amazon So acquisition cost will be low Because conversion rate will be high here Its formula is simple if you brought 10 clients in a month and you spent 1 lakh on your marketing. 

Then 10k per client Here CPA is 10k don’t spend this much though It depends on your product How can I improve my CPA what do we need to do by changing our banners. same here, we need to hit and try by changing the copy and banner of your ad Here comes A/B model Here what we do, we ran two ads simultaneously Both run on the same category You need to check the conversion rate. The ad with high conversion rate Cost will be less and CPA will be less. 

You need to choose that ad This is A/B model, the second thing is CPC You need to bid on those keywords With low CPC and less search According to your profitability Let's talk about CR Which came out of CPA Basically no. of people converted Some people call it success rate also Success ratio On our digital marketing effort. How can we improve our conversion rate? 

You can tell me in the suggestions How can I improve the most important thing is the landing page. Let's say person clicks on your website. But he doesn't like your website. UI/UX is not good so you need to give importance to your landing page also Second thing is the Loading time of your website. If a person clicks, your site opens like this if you are not able to open your website fast don’t do this mistake You did pay for CPC but Here you failed because of the bounce rate. 

Ultimately which will increase your CPC what we can do? I repeat your UI/UX should be nice Second CPC Add keywords in your keyword Maybe you have to make many ads Specific ads on specific keywords. Let's say you want to sell red buckle shoes and you find a keyword with 10 searches you ran a campaign on it 5 searches on this keyword, new campaign and you made no of campaigns. Let's say you added 20-30 keywords. 

Overall it has searches around 100-200 If we see overall searches & it. then good enough So run them individually If you add a keyword red buckle shoes So your specific ad comes do add red buckles shoes in its copy Okay friends.