Crocodile | Habitat, Teeth, & Facts |  & Food

The animal we are going to talk about today is an aquatic animal and it is also very tall. Its name is but Crocodile.


Crocodile are common in Asia, Africa, Australia, etc.


There are many types of crocodiles. They look the same but there is a big difference between them. There is likewise a distinction in size.


Some crocodile heads are long and some crocodile heads are wide.


Some crocodiles also have their teeth closed when they close their mouths.


What is the diet of crocodiles?


As you all know crocodile is a carnivorous animal and its food consists of fish and some land animals that come to drink water and it hunts and eats them.


The skin of a crocodile is very thick and it satisfies its hunger by hunting aquatic animals. In addition, its tail helps it to swim, which is very strong. It has short legs and lays its eggs on the ground or on land. The female crocodile is very protective of  her eggs.


The speed of a crocodile is higher in water than on land because it is an aquatic animal so its speed is higher in water than on land.

What is the size of a crocodile?


Because they have so many species, there is a difference in their size. A crocodile can grow up to seven feet tall and weigh up to 1200 kg.


Saltwater crocodile are larger than freshwater crocodile.


What are the teeth of a crocodile?


How amazing it is that a crocodile changes its teeth 50 to 60 times in a lifetime. And it has 80 teeth in its jaw. And when it closes its mouth, some of its teeth are visible on the outside.

According to experts, the crocodile is a species of dinosaur.


The ability found in a crocodile.


Crocodile ears and eyes are very sensitive. And it quickly recognizes its prey and attacks it.

The crocodile has a habit of staying underwater and it is completely submerged and sits in the water waiting for its prey. And attacks its prey at full speed and kills it.


Crocodiles hunt mostly at night because of their great ability to see. And the ability to trap animals is also easier at night. That is why they hunt at night.


They have many types of lashes on their eyes. Due to which their eyes are also protected from water. And secondly, it protects them from too much light in the morning.

But these lakes of Crocodile are also called eyelids. Which protects them from many dangers.

Crocodiles also have a very good sense of smell, so they can detect the carcasses of animals from afar. And besides, they know which animal is approaching them. So that's when they get ready to hunt it down.



Crocodiles are an invading animal because they see this as a threat to anything that comes near them, even if it is a human, so they attack it.

Crocodiles have a very strong acid in their stomachs, which causes them to digest even bones.


The crocodile also has the ability to store oxygen, so it stays in the water for hours.


The crocodile's jaw has tremendous power. Due to which, if a prey gets stuck in its jaw, it becomes very difficult to get out. Rather, it becomes impossible.


After hunting, when it eats the food, the meat gets stuck in its teeth. The birds then remove the flesh from its teeth and clean its teeth, which is a visual process. And it feels so good. The crocodile does not close its mouth until its teeth are cleaned.

A crocodile can run on land in addition to water, but its running speed, if recorded, is recorded as about 18 km per hour.


 Do crocodiles travel from place to place?


No crocodiles because they live in ponds etc. They do not live in the oceans, so they do not travel, but live in small ponds.


 How long does a crocodile survive?


According to one estimate, however, the crocodile survives that year, and some crocodiles have been observed to live for more than a hundred years.

The crocodile is a very powerful animal that preys on animals twice its size. Like oxen and zebras it also preys on them. And it specializes in hunting, it takes them underwater. And then he eats them with pleasure. Besides, how did you like today's blog? Please let us know by commenting and let us know your opinion. Thanks for reading.