Vampire bats


They are considered ominous because of the horror of their eyes.Vampire Bats

But these natural creatures have more than meets the eye. There are more than 1,300 species of bats in the world, making them the second most common group of mammals after rats. Some weigh very little.


There are two main types of bats: microbes and megabits. Most bats are microbes, eaten by insects such as insects that come out at night. Vampire bats are the only species of microbes that drink blood instead of insects. But don't worry - they like to drink blood from animals and horses, not humans. But sometimes when someone gets over it, she doesn't even give up. Rarely seen...

To visit dark caves and hunt after dark, microbes rely on echolocation, a system that allows them to search for objects using sound waves. They resonate with a high-pitched sound

Which travels until it hits something and bounces back on them. This echo tells them the size and distance of an object.

In contrast, megabits live in forests and eat fruit, nectar. Their eyes are big and they smell more than microbes but their ears are small. There are more than 150 types of megabits, which are common, but not always, larger than microbes.

Like all other mammals, kittens are raised on their mother's milk.
These dung are high in potassium nitrate (salt potter) and are often used as fertilizer. Can also be used for ammunition and explosives. By the way, this is a new information for you...
When bats are ready to fly, they let go and gain strength from falling, because their short legs and wings cannot give them the same shape as birds. However, there are six types of bats that do not hang upside down. Most of these bats have suction pads on their limbs that cause them to stick to leaves or other surfaces.

Only small species of bats use the echo as the most important means of turning. Big bats can see well than humans. However, sight is a blessing, because sight can override the enclosure signal. For example, a glossy window can fly because it sees the light outside, even if the enclosure tells it that the surface is solid.

Scientists compared different types of coronavirus in 36 species of bats from the western Indian Ocean and nearby Africa. They found that different groups of bats have their own strains of corona virus, revealing that bats and corona viruses have been evolving together for millions of years. Developing a better understanding of the evolution of the corona virus can help us build better public health programs in the future.
China is considered its home because its people eat it and it started from there.