Types of mangoes in Pakistan


The some famous Types Of Mangoes In Pakistan Below
Out of 400 varieties of mango in Pakistan, only 25 to 30 are grown on a commercial scale. The most popular varieties of mangoes in Pakistan include:

1. Langra
2- Chounsa
3- Anwar Ratul
4- Fajri
5- Sindari
6- Dussehra
7- Nilum

Langra Mango

Mango was first cultivated in Varanasi, India. Because the owner of the tree, unfortunately, had some trouble with his legs, the mango was called "lame". The lamb retains its green color even after ripening, while other mangoes turn yellow-red. The distinctive feature of the lame is that it is medium sized, naturally very soft, and the seeds are small and oval. It is usually found in the markets from mid-July to August.

Chounsa Mango

This mango came from Rahim Yar Khan and Multan. The Muslim Suri emperor, Sher Shah Suri, named it "Chounsa". Pakistan's Chonsa Mango is one of the most popular varieties of mangoes in the world. It is an amazingly juicy, delicious soft mango with a fragrant, minimal fiber and fragrant flesh. Its ripening season is June-August, and it remains pleasant until the end of September.

Anwar Ratul Mango

Mango has its own existence Anwar-ul-Haq used to cultivate it in a village called Ratul near Baghpat district in Uttar Pradesh, India. So far, Anwar Ratul or Anwar Ratul is largely in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Mango has its full flavor all over the world. It has a delightful and distinctive taste.

Fajri Mango

It ripens in September and is a unique breed of mango. As far as the story behind this name is concerned, a widow named Fajri, who lived in the city of Malda in Bihar. He inherited a tree that grew this mango from his ancestors and that is why it was named. The skin of this mango is yellow, and the pulp is fiber lace. Fajr has a sweet taste and an unusual texture.

Sindari Mango

Sindhiri is an important variety of mango from Sindh which originates in Mirpur Khas. A large oval-shaped mango that is high in sugar, low in fiber and very fragrant. According to many people, Sundri mango is a manifestation of taste and texture in mangoes.

Dussehra Mango

Dussehra found its roots in the gardens of Nawab Lucknow in the 18th century. Watering the mouth and smiling lips, mango has a juicy and sweet pulp with a wonderful taste and aroma. For example, you can soften a mango by pressing lightly with your finger. Sweet syrup, even if it is 2 or 3 at a time, makes you like it more.

Nilum Mango

This mango is grown in most parts of Pakistan and India. Notable for its distinctly beautiful fragrance, sapphire is available throughout the season, but its flavor lasts until June.
Mango is the second largest fruit exported from Pakistan, earning about 100 100 million in foreign exchange. There are more than 500-1,000 popular varieties of mangoes available all over the world, each varying in size, shape, taste and color. In other words, it's no surprise that he's been crowned King of Fruits!

Benefits of eating mango

You can avoid cancer by eating mango

Mangoes boost the immune system

Mango improves skin and hair health

Mangoes reduce constipation

Mangoes improve blood sugar regulation

Mangoes improve eye health

Mangoes improve digestion

Eating mango improves blood flow

Take advantage of summer, eat mango, but don't forget to mix raw lassi, that is, half a cup of milk with a glass of water.

To avoid the heat of mango.