How to create do-follow backlinks


Look, if you want to rank on Google, you need do-follow backlinks. We all know this. it is difficult. And that's what a lot of people get paid for. But you should not pay for them. Their payment is against Google's policy. This is a great way to screw up your site. This is short term. Its the hardest thing you can do it. So if you don't pay for them, how can you get them all? And today we are going to tell you how you can create backlinks without paying them.

So the question is, how do you build backlinks?
Well, I guess most of you don't build them. There is a very simple to do this. It takes hard work. I'm not going to tell you that you're just going to get those links and waving a magic wand and doing nothing.
 But if you are willing to work, getting these backlinks is not difficult. How do you do it? One of the first step, I want you to go backlinks. This is a free link building tool that I am providing to you.

In the search bar, enter your competitor's URL, it will show you all the people who are connected to your competitor. There, I want you to find the pages that have the most popular ones, it will show you that you can see all the links that people link to your homepage. Also pointing to the other. And through the Backlinks report, you can also see that you can see the backlinks for a specific URL for the entire domain.

۔ And when you find the right articles that are competing, you'll want to look at the backlink count for that URL. Now if you are struggling to find really good pages, another easy task when you are already in the backlinks report, in the sidebar, click on the page above.

This will show you the pages on which your competitors are writing. Look at the people who are similar to you. And you can also click on the backlinks button there, it will show you every single person linked to the article. The second step, whatever the article is, is written by your competitors that is related to your industry. I want you to write a better version of this article. You know, if it's 1000 words, I want you to make it 5000 words.Al that sounds pretty crap to me & you, Looks like B.T aint for me either. And I'm not just talking about shivering in key words and prolonging it for the sake of it.

I'm talking about amazing, wonderful content. If I asked you to write an article on how to make pizza, you would just write an article and you would probably discuss how to make dough in the oven, here is a temperature in which you Put in the oven. Did you get pizza?

Well, when I'm asking you to write amazing stuff, I want you to talk like you're going to write about how to make pizza. Break everything down about how to pick vegetables vs. vegetables from pesticides. Do you need to draw water from the sea?

Inconvenience when you are cutting them? What is the correct length for you to cut to communicate? How does the quality of water change the taste of your flour? Do you use bottled water? Do you use tap water? Hey all of these things matter, you put the dough, you put it in the oven first which is already kept at room temperature. Once it's cooked, you'll break it. You add your own hand-made marinara sauce and you do it step by step and even pick tomatoes from the local market.

۔ And then how do you fold your toppings? How do you cut it How to use a fork and knife to cut pizza Use this circular roller thing. I don't know how to cook because I'm not a cook. But you see the point. If you make it that way

Pizza, I just want to go super deep and I'll try to go even deeper. And when he goes into the depths of it. You will also find that, hey, your article is so complete that when someone reads it, they can get better instructions on how to make this pizza.

I will also include animated gifts with pictures showing the process of making and spreading the dough and throwing it in the air and then holding it. And then my wife is going crazy over me for messing up in the kitchen. Again, I don't cook, but it will be a fun experience, why not try it. So you will do all these things and tell him in great detail how you create better content than other people, whether it's pictures, videos you want to include in your articles, whether it's a custom designer and there Create graphics. You want your content to be better. This is the most important part of it.

It is not using my backlinks tool, you can use another tool if you wish. This second step is the most important. Now you need to take the last step so that you can email everyone connected to your competition and why your articles are better.

But the real key is to customize email. So for example, if someone links to an article about how to get content in my article or how to ask competitors to link or get a position on Google Foster, how to quickly sort new content, you know Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like B.T aint for me either.

۔ And I'll break, hey, that's a good link. But that doesn't guarantee that your article will be indexable, Google will still pick what you want. Here are three other things I break down that help people get indexed. And these three things are really easy. They can do it in two minutes. This other thing takes seven minutes. But collectively, they have a much better success rate.

۔ And when you create these detailed emails, you will like, see, if you want them, if you want to provide more value to your customers, feel free to check out the article. If you enjoy it, I would really appreciate it if you link to it too. These types of things are more efficient, take more time, but work. This is how you make connections most of the time without paying. This is the manual labor at your end. And that's why a lot of people don't have connections because they don't want to spend time building all these things, it just takes time.

۔ If you are willing to do this, you will be able to accelerate your competition and increase their traffic. This is a long term approach. Don't fall into the trap of a suspicious gray hat. If you have any questions, comments, leave it below and I will answer it.

Today you are going to learn exactly how to create powerful backlinks to your site. In fact, I've used strategies to show you how to get links from Forbes, Tech Glass, Inc., Business, and many more. Today I am going to tell you about the newly proven strategies of linking and some modern techniques. I've never heard anyone talk about watching.

So let's get started. I started my first blogger back in 2018. In fact, going into my strategies was article directories and things like link pyramids, link pyramids. That sounds amazing. These black hat links work well, until Google released its Penguin update. This update literally wiped out 98% of my Google traffic overnight. ۔ Fortunately for us, this is the real thing and they are called link roundups. Here is an example of a link roundup. So what are link roundups?

? Precisely, link roundups are daily, weekly or monthly blog posts that correct and link outstanding content. For example, this is the link I just created. Now let's get rid of the exact process I used to get this link. First you need to find the link roundup in your industry. Is.

And here are some really good search wires that just pop up these search wires into Google and you should get a lot of high quality loops. Once you've found a link roundup that looks like a good fit, it's time to build your content. This is the email script I use personally, you want to send this script to the person who runs the roundup. As you can see, this script is not spammy or spammy, I just told this person that my content exists, and I suggest it gently.

That they include it in their next roundup. And if your post is good for this person's roundup, you'll find a lovely link. That's all. At the same time, it is time for another strategy. Broken Link Building Broken Link Building is my all time favorite link building strategy. Why? You see, when most people make connections, they send generic strips that offer zero value.

Can I have a link? Thank you for adding value to both broken link building on someone's website, then ask for a link. Check My Links from Google Checking My Links is a free Google Chrome extension that looks for broken links on any page. I will show you how to use this tool in one minute. But for now, let's go to the second number, find a site from which you want to get a link, you may already have some sites in mind. If Google is not the only keyword related to your industry.

Sites that show up in search results are great sites for getting backlinks. For example, last year, I wanted to create links to this list of SEO tools. So I google things like SEO checklist and SEO tutorials. Next, it's time to check out the broken links
This will show all the broken links on this page. Finally, tell the site owner about their broken link and offer your content as an alternative. For example, when I find a broken link on someone's site, I send them an email about how personal my email is, as much as you would like your email to be personal. You will find more links.

Anyway, when they reply to my message, I send them the URL of the broken link. I also used my SEO tools post as an alternative to dead links. And since I added value first, then ask for something in return, people were happy to link to me. And now it's time for strategy number three, link to the podcast.

A few months ago, I was checking out a site in my niche where I got their backlinks and I noticed that a large portion of their backlinks came from going to podcasts. So I decided to be a guest on as many podcasts as possible.

In fact, over the next year and a half, I appeared on more than 50 podcasts. Not only did these podcasts send some serious traffic to my path, but they also resulted in a lot of high quality backlinks running alongside our next technique, creating branded strategies and methods. A few years ago, I was looking for some productivity tips, and this post came from a Merlin man. Merlin outlines a product called Zero Inbox where you use your inbox as your list.

But it wasn't something that caught my attention, which shocked me that this simple idea generates more than 5,000 backlinks. And when I looked at those backlinks, I saw the pattern in which most people linked to the page because they outlined a strategy with a unique name, Inbox Zero. That's when I decided that I too would try to name my strategies.

So the next time I talked about a strategy on my blog, I called it a skyscraper technique. So how did it go on in this post where I mentioned earlier, the skyscraper technique has been linked more than 9000 times and if you look at these links 90% of them are due to the fact that it My strategy is given a unique branded name.

Well, moving forward with Strategy # 5, be a resource for journalists and bloggers. This is a deal. If you want to read on the front page of Google today, you need to create links to new authority sites and blogs in your industry. Fortunately, it's not as difficult as it sounds.

Obviously, this strategy works and it's not always easy, but in my experience, it's one of the best ways to build quality backlinks. With that, let's dive into the process step by step. Register as a source first. Once you sign up, you'll receive three emails a day from reporters searching for such sources. And when you get a request, it looks good, send them your strip.

For example, a while ago I saw a high profile request from someone who wanted to know the difference between graphics design and web design. So I submitted this pitch and I got this cute link from, which is an authentic edu domain.
Not bad. Next, we have strategy number six, pre-outreach. Not long ago, one of my readers was getting ready to publish this epic article and Khan realized that the effort for his target keywords in his post has the potential to come first in Google. But for that to happen, it will need to make connections. So Khan decided to promote the publication before it was published. This is known as pre-outreach. How it fell down.

First, there were blogs in the food that wrote about employee welfare, and he sent them this message because he didn't ask for a link. Most people who talk to you about food. We were glad to hear that. Then once the food was posted, he sent a link to everyone who responded to his first email and because of that a group of social shares as well as a great background view that It's time to share G7 Ado Resource Page Link Building. It's no secret that links to Ado websites are extremely powerful. The question is, do you really want to link university sites to your edu resource pages? How to get?

Here's how it works. Most universities have resource pages that link to content that can help their students and teachers. Here is an example of a resource page with links to nutrition and supplements. For example, suppose you have a nutrition website.

Only 5% of the advertising sites you visit for this page will actually include your link. This is bad news. The good news is that one or two of these links can make a big difference in your Google rankings.

For example, I recently used a strategy to get a link to this resource page on the University of Michigan website. And that single link was a major obstacle to my organic traffic. If you think this is the right thing to do, wait until you see strategy number eight, the dynamic man method, the dynamic man method. First, look for web page resources or businesses that are outdated, just rebranded or recently renamed, then look for sites that are still linking to those old resources.

Finally, let people know that they are linking to something that is outdated. Let me show you how it works with a real life example. A while ago, I read that a website suddenly shut down for a big SEO agency. This meant that they had tons of pages on their site that were no longer working on pages that many people were still linking to. In particular, I noticed that an infographic about SEO on their site was no longer working, which was perfectly fine. Because I just published my own SEO focused infographic. So that was the first step I had to take to see who actually linked to this infographic, so I fired a competitor and pulled out all their links.

Finally, I emailed everyone who is still attached to this infographic, telling them that the image is no longer working. I also told them that my infographic would take up a large space of blue glass, and as you can see, people were more than happy to link to me. When it comes to infographics, it's time for our last link building strategy. Guest Oh Graphics Backlink reader Matt Lowry had a problem last year.

Matt runs an e-commerce site in Australia that sells yellow octopuses that sell gifts, and he quickly learns that it's really hard to create links for e-commerce sites that would like to link to a site that has 100 products. And be made of category. Pages What did Matt do when he realized he needed links to his site and needed to publish great content? First, Matt collected an epic piece and an epic piece of the Ultimate Guide to the Australian Gym. The guide contained everything anyone wanted to know about the Australian gene in one place. Now, of course, Matt didn't just sit back and wait to get in touch. He promoted his content

With email arriving,

Because Matt reached out to the right people and sent them personal emails. Some even offered to contact its leader and all these backlinks boosted Matt's ranking for a keyword that his users search for every day at the Australian gym. Displays its content even in the most prominent snippet space. Search for opportunities for guests to post with Google Images. it's fine. I said guest posting. Now a lot of people say that when it comes to link building, guest posting is over. But is that true? Not really

In fact, it's a great way to build links to your site when you're just starting guest posting. For example, when I first started backlinks, I guess one posted like crazy, I wrote more than 50 guest posts and interviews in about a year. And the links I got from guest postings initially boosted my organic traffic.

That said, I was very strategic about things, I made sure to write guest posts in my niche only for standard sites. So if you run a site about Paleo Diet, and write a guest post for a site about iPhones, it will look like spam. But when you write guest-blown guest posts for standard sites in your industry, these links help. The question is, how do you find sites that post guest posts on Google Images? This is a step-by-step process. First find someone in your niche who writes a lot of guest posts. Second, get the URL of the headshot they use in their author bio.

۔ Finally, pop up this URL in Google's Reverse Image Search and Boom, and you'll find a list of places that guests offered you on Silver Platter. Very cool. So there you have it, my all time favorite link building strategy. Are you going to try first? Are you going to try broken link building? Or do you want to somehow start using Google Images to find sites on guest posts? Let me know in the comments below. Where we were waiting, the link is like every word. We can do it all in the end.
Thank you