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Metro Train Lahore is a very high proof of the high performance of the Punjab Government.

This is a huge project in the history of Pakistan which has cost billions of rupees so far.
This metro train line is 25 km high and one point one mile underground.
As far as passengers are concerned, the train is expected to carry around 2.5 lakh passengers on a daily basis.

As far as the project is concerned, it came to light in 2014 after a mutual understanding between the governments of Pakistan and China.
Its construction work had started in 2015. It was submitted for testing in early 2018 and Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif was present on the occasion of its inauguration.

The total number of stations under this project is 26 and there are underground stations Anarkali and Central Station underground.
That is, two stations are underground and the other 24 are out of fashion.
As far as the width of the stations is concerned, all the other stations are 22 meters wide, while Anarkali station is 16 meters wide and Central station is 49 meters wide.

Doors to underground stations are automatic.
Let's take a look at this Orange Line train. This train consists of a total of five coaches and has four doors and it is a fully automatic train equipped with a driver.

This train is decorated with full LED lights
Each of these trains will have the capacity to carry 200 passengers sitting and standing.

Thirty percent of them will be seated and the rest will travel standing up

Let us now know something about the speed of this train. The speed of this train is 80 km per hour.
And it takes about forty-five minutes to get from the first station to the last.

About 80 MEGA WATT of power has been procured from Lahore Electric Company to run all these trains, each of which will require about 20 MW of power.


The following is a list of Orange Line metro train stations.

1. Ali Town
2. Thokar Niaz Beg
3. Canal View
4. Hanjarwal
5. Wahdat Road
6. Awan Town
7. Sabzazar Near Naqshbandi Super Store
8. Shahnoor
9. Salahuddin Road
10. Band road
11. Samanabad
12. Gulshan Ravi
13. Chauburji
14. Jhel Road
15. GPO
16. Lakshmi
17. Railway station
18. Sultan pura
19. U.E.T
20. Baghbanpura
21. Shalimar Garden
22. Pakistan Mint
23. Mahmoud Buti
24. Islam Park
25. Salamatpura
26. Dera Gujran
The camp will end at Gujranwala.

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