Covid-19 Corona treatment Corona cure


Covid-19 Corona treatment Corona cure

Covid-19 Corona treatment All companions are requested
Please read this article carefully

And consider this observation we are going to talk about Corona is a disease so it is known

to everyone and there is a virus that is transmitted from one person to another but the

mechanism to prevent it. We also have to know.

First of all we will talk about the most commonly used procedures such as having a

handwash to keep a social distance, apart from using a distance and a Sunny Taser etc. But

remember that one thing is important. It is very important for a person to be healthy. Man is

lacking in immunity. He cannot fight the disease. For example, fruits and so on should be

used and moderate in food and avoid the fast food outdoors. You are better

Because outside fast food is so bad for a person's health, it is very important for me to avoid

them at this time. We tell them to fight, not to understand that you can't compete with the

same gun or a ready made. Must clean up thank you

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The essence can easily cure it.

Because no vaccine has yet been invented to treat coronavirus, it is important that we deal with it ourselves. The most important thing is to cover your face whenever you go out. Go.

And when you get home, wash your hands thoroughly for 20 minutes.

And use a good sanitizer. Also pay special attention to your clothes. Make it a habit to take a bath wearing clean clothes so that no dirt is left on the clothes. And take special care.

If you feel fever, etc., it is important that you get your check-up done and get tested and if you have the virus. So stay away from other people. Keep your utensils separate. Keep food and drink separate so that other people don't get sick because of you and you get better soon.

Show the most patience. If you show impatience, you will not be able to fight this disease. With patience, you will take this disease away from you and you will fight it with patience.

If you are suffering from this disease, keep yourself away from people while eating and keep yourself apart and fight this disease. And if you are not suffering from this disease, you should still be careful not to associate with people and go out only for necessary work. And whenever you go, completely sanitize yourself.